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Our Story

Leatherback Printing has come a long way from humble beginnings.

Leatherback Printing has come a long way from humble beginnings. Originally incorporated in 1966 as Overlake Press, the company began operations with strictly 1-color offset capability, as the first printer for the Eastside Journal. In 1968, Overlake brought on Bill Cundy to help build the commercial side of the business, a landmark step in the development of what Leatherback is today.


While the founding ownership group left the printing industry over the ensuing decade, Bill was hard at work embedding his strong family values in the company’s framework. This began with an emphasis on forging strong customer relationships, an emphasis that is maintained at Leatherback today. Later, when Bill’s sons took an interest in printing, he cultivated that interest by allowing them access to the trade. By the time Bill took over as sole owner in 1980, his sons were already working in the family business.

This is how two of his sons — Grant and Eric Cundy — got their starts in printing. Grant was a pressman through and through, and at one time had operated every piece of equipment the company owned. Eric began as an operator, but soon gravitated to the sales side of the business. After Bill retired in 1995, Grant and Eric continued chasing their dream of one day owning the company their father helped build. They were welcomed into a new ownership group in 2000, and Leatherback came full circle in 2008 when Grant and Eric became 50/50 owners.

With backgrounds in different areas of the business, Leatherback has flourished under Grant and Eric’s complementary leadership. After years of steady growth focused around upgrading equipment and processes to better fulfill customer needs, Leatherback was well-positioned to make a bigger move when a nearby facility came available in 2012. Seizing the opportunity, Leatherback expanded its entire business model, introducing a new “Wide Format” division that allowed for a much broader scope of printing capabilities.

Moves like this define Leatherback; while continuous development is embraced, the company mentality has stayed the same. Family values are still the foundation, and adapting to customer needs is still the number one priority. One thing is clear — neither the company nor its owners have lost sight of the humble beginnings from which they came.